Eco-Excursion Guide or Ghost Tour Guide (Oahu) Part-Time

The Real Hawaii and Oahu Ghost Tours is a company that specializes in offering our guests another side of Hawai'i that is often overlooked.  We are an eco company first that supports and educates on the delicate eco-system of Hawaii, and at the same time takes our guests on organized excursions of the not-so-seen areas of the islands.  We feel that we can accomplish several things by doing this. First, our guests will witness the other side of Hawai'i that many didn't know existed outside Waikiki.  Also it gives us a chance to educate our guests on how important it is to nurture and work towards conservation of these sites.  We don't mind preaching this if it will help save another site from destruction.  We also take the rare opportunity to teach some of the Native Hawaiian culture, as spoken from a Native Hawaiian's prospective, to our guests as well.  Hence our name, The Real Hawaii. We offer a good starting salary, a great working environment, and excellent opportunity for advancement.  

We're looking for a unique individual who possesses the talents below:

Dependable (most important!) The ability to work on-call initially.
Very good with people.  Fun loving, yet professional and serious at your work. . Outgoing Personality.  Able to communicate verbally one-on-one or to a small group.  A PEOPLE PERSON!!
Very well versed knowledge of the island particular to where you live (Oahu only at this time), its land, flora, fauna, history, culture and people, and the ability to relate this and answer  questions that a guest might have.  Must be an outdoors type person.  Should also be familiar with streets on the island particularly Waikiki.  Teaching familiarization with Hawaiian culture and land is a plus.
Must have first hand knowledge of what many call 'hidden' or remote areas of interest not on the beaten path.  Will need to know an area well enough to be able to selectively point out interesting facts about the particular area.  Particular knowledge of the Na Ala Hele Trail and Access trail system desired.  Emphasis placed on  Kuliouou Valley and Ridge in Hawaii Kai, and Maakua Ridge trails.  Special emphasis placed on knowledge of  Kalawahine (Manoa  Cliffs) and  Maunawili Trail and Access trails.   These two trails are our  primary guest hiking areas and knowledge of them is a must!
Need a valid Hawaii drivers license with clean driving record.
Ability to work 'on-call' from time to time. (Rare as most tours will have several days advance notice). 
Must be in good physical health and be able to spend almost the entire time outdoors in a hiking style situation.  
Red Cross CPR or First Aid certification required (we pay all costs for certification).  Ability to handle minor emergencies such as cuts, scrapes, insect bites also a plus.
A High School diploma, GED, or some college is required. Emphasis on Geology, Geography, Ecology or History (particularly the Hawaiian Islands) is a plus.

The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We support a Drug Free work environment.


To apply for this position, click here and complete our online application. 



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