This is one of the most beautiful excursions on O'ahu.  Lush tropical growth, huge bamboo groves, waterfalls, and beautiful streams of fresh running water await you on this excursion.  Botanists from around the world consider this area a living classroom of native plants and trees.  Located just a few miles from Waikiki, this excursion is well worth the trip, as beauty and tranquility are abundant here.  Expect very wet conditions.  Your Native Hawaiian guide will give expert narration on both the plant life, and the Hawaiian culture present here.


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The majestic and volcanic Ko'olau Mountains are always present in this one of a kind excursion.  There's a unique mix of spectacular views of Windward O'ahu, as well as lush tropical rainforests, streams and gullies, and mountainside waterfalls.  Just the overwhelming views of the Ko'olau's the entire length of this hike is an excursion of its own.  On this excursion you will see many of Hawaii's native plants and trees including koa and kukui trees.  Many native fauna are featured here. Some of the steepest cliffs on Windward O'ahu will be visible on this excursion.  Wild boar encounters are also known occur in this area.  

This excursion is for the serious adventurer, as it's over a nine mile hike.  Nowhere else on O'ahu will you see what is awaiting you on this excursion.  Take our word for it, it's well worth your time!  We provide lunch, water, daypack, binoculars, walking stick, and rain gear (if needed) on this excursion.  And of course you'll always be in the presence of your very own Native Hawaiian guide who will provide you with much of the history and culture present here, during the entire excursion.

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The ancient gods of Hawai'i made specific places in the islands, sacred.  These places include, but are not limited to, dwelling places of the gods and their disciples, as well as petroglyphs, selected observation points, cliffs, heiau, volcano's and many more.  They are known as wahi pana or the sacred places of Hawai'i.  Even today they possess mana (spiritual power) to the Hawaiians.  Most all are very well secluded and not often part of any maps, making them extremely difficult to locate.

These places are treated with much respect by the Hawaiians and from visitors alike.  The Native Hawaiians live by a very important value.  That value says "The earth must not be desecrated".  Even today with much outside influence, those values are as meaningful as they were hundreds of years ago.  believes that there is much to be learned from these sites as it's very important to understand how and why the Hawaiians of the past, and many of present day so adamantly protect these sites.  On this excursion you will visit several of the most ancient and sacred spots in Hawai'i.  In fact, an added bonus to this excursion is that you will actually do a mini "circle island" tour, as you will be taken almost completely around the island on this excursion. 

Your guide, being Polynesian, will explain to you both as a native, and as your teacher, each of these sites and what makes them so sacred to the Hawaiians. 

This very special excursion is another  opportunity to show you the Hawai'i not seen by many.  We are proud to provide this to our guests.  As these sites are extremely sacred, great care must be taken when visiting them.  Nothing should be moved or altered.  The same respect should be used here as with any sacred site. 

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