Known as the 'gathering place' O'ahu lives up to its name as it is residence to over three quarters of the state of Hawaii's population.  Home to world famous Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace, the former residence of Hawaii's last remaining monarchy.  But also home to many of the most beautiful, isolated, and often overlooked spots in Hawai'i.  Just like its sister islands, O'ahu is part of a vast wilderness of hidden trails, waterfalls, native forests, and rare plants and birds. ® takes you to some of the most beautiful lush tropical locations on this busy island to view life in a much simpler and natural form.  Your Native  Hawaiian  guide will show you why O'ahu is much more than what you may have been led to believe. 

We have three very special excursions on O'ahu.  The average tour time from hotel pickup to drop-off in the afternoon is between 3 to 7 hours, depending on your excursion.  Our air-conditioned van will arrive at your hotel lobby at an assigned time in the morning.  We provide complimentary bottled water, a light lunch ("Real Tropical™" excursion only), daypack, binoculars, a hiking stick, and rain ponchos if needed Call us toll free at 1-877-597-7325 for prices and other information, or order any of our excursions directly on our secure server from our Reservations page below. 







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NOTICE: The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions® shall not be held responsible for any damage, accident, loss, injury, or loss of property while on our tour from any cause. Eco-excursion rates and trails visited are subject to change without notice due to weather, natural or other conditions.