The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions wrote the book on authentic Native Hawaiian experiences.

If you want a total, complete, yet private Native Hawaiian experience for just one day, or for your entire vacation, The Real Hawaii

Eco-Cultural Excursions, working with some of our great partners, has put together some very special and unique private experiences. 

For repeat guests who have tired of the same old itineraries of the past, or for both first time and returning guests who want to experience Hawai'i the way Hawai'i should be experienced, the Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions has done all the homework for you.

Experience Hawai'i from a local's prospective, but more importantly from a Hawaiian prospective. 

All of this is reserved only for yourself, or members of your own party.  Contact our office and let us help put together a true, authentic, and memorable Hawaiian experience for you.

Some of the activities we can provide you are:

·         Special seating to Oahu's most authentic Hawaiian Luau

·         Locals only restaurants that are far from the tourist areas on the island

·         Great fishing at some of the most private spots on O'ahu

·         Private only excursions of all of our family of Native Hawaiian excursions

·         Your very own private Polynesian guide for the entire day or length of your stay

·         And much more!

So if you seek to live and be Hawaiian while visiting our beautiful islands, we invite you to let us make your dreams come true.  Contact us toll-free at 1-877-597-7325.  Let one of our agent's work for you on putting together just the right experience.



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Rates and itineraries vary depending on guest’s personal experiences chosen.  If more than one person in a group, all members of the party are required to participate in the same scheduled itinerary.  All taxes and transportation included.