For years, we at The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions have made it our business to provide guests with what we believe are some of the most true and authentic group excursions in Hawai'i.   We achieve this by treating our guests as ohana (family) and working with some of the island's most influential Native Hawaiian consultants.  Our excursions are conducted by our ohana of well-trained Polynesian guides.   We take the time to listen to what you, our guests, are telling us regarding your experiences.   Each excursion is a distinctive encounter.   New things are discovered…new friends are made.

The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions is excited to present a newly offered addition to our excursions.  One that we feel will give you a long lasting memory of sweet Aloha...the special gift of marriage in tropical paradise.   Once again we believe that this beautiful Hawaiian ceremony will be one of the most authentic and totally Hawaiian experiences of your lifetime.  

Performing the ceremony is a Native Hawaiian Kahuna.  A Kahuna is the overseer of the structure of Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian life).   He or she is the keeper of ancient knowledge, the keeper of wisdom and understanding, the professor, the skilled one.  The few living Kahuna are the preservers of the ancient Kanaka Maoli, heart and soul.  They are the keepers of the Principle in the paths known and unknown, the Sacred Bridge Builder, the keeper of the Highway beyond road’s end.  The Kahuna that performs your ceremony is a very special Kahuna named Pahia.  She is a Kahuna of love.   

You and your guests will bear witness to a ceremony like none other.  From the sacred land you choose for your special occasion, to the blowing of the conch shell or the graceful hula, you and your guests will be totally engulfed in the rich Hawaiian land and culture and this experience will create a memory like no other.   This simple and private ceremony is our trademark for this special occasion.   Our goal is to leave you with a love and knowledge of our beautiful islands and rich Hawaiian culture like nothing you have ever experienced.  

The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions is honored to provide this latest experience to our special guests who choose to say their vows on these sacred lands.  We have several packages available to fit your particular desires and budget.    Kahuna Pahia is home based on O'ahu, but can travel to any of the other islands to perform her services.  If you're planning a renewal of vows, she can provide the same authentic Hawaiian experience for this as well.  While your ceremony is truly Hawaiian from beginning to end, traditional elements can be added if desired.  

And, as we do with every Native Hawaiian excursion, we impart with our guests the most authentic and truly Hawaiian experience possible.   So if you're thinking of a wedding in the islands and want to do more than just “get married”, and are looking for the same beautiful experience that we provide our own kanaka (Native Hawaiian), we invite you to contact us for more information.  Special rates are available to you and your guests on our other excursions, too.  The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions will help make arrangements.   Please complete our information form, or call us toll-free at 1-877-597-7325 or in Hawai'i, 524-4944.  PLEASE NOTE:  Kahuna Pahia will not be available for the month of July 2007. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Sites used for ceremonies do not include or infringe on Hawaiian burial grounds.  The actual spots at sites visited where ancient Hawaiian ceremonies took place will not be used for any services.  While visiting any locations deemed 'sacred ground' in Hawai'i, it's extremely important not to touch, remove, or relocate any rock formations, plants, or other artifacts at these sites.  In many cases these sites are protected by state and/or federal law and disturbing anything at these sites is punishable by law.  Native Hawaiians take these sites very seriously.  The Real Hawaii Eco-Cultural Excursions and Kahuna Pahia, do as well.  Mahalo for your understanding.

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